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High Security Locks

You may not know too much about high security locks, but if you’re concerned about the safety and well being of your family, your home, and your possessions, you may want to consider having high security locks installed in your home. If you’re a business owner, you may also want to consider having high security locks installed at your office or warehouse. This should especially be a consideration for you if you store lots of cash, checks, sensitive information, or expensive equipment at your place of business. 
Unfortunately, the number of break ins around the US are increasing and are becoming harder to detect. Thanks to the internet, criminals are learning how to break in to homes more easily and are doing so without causing a lot of damage to your doors and locks. Fortunately, high security locks can help counteract this problem. 
Residential High Security Locks
The safety of your family and your possessions inside your home should be your number one priority, no matter where you live in the metro Atlanta area. If you’ve been looking for ways to ease your safety concerns regarding your home, having high security locks installed may be the answer you’ve been looking for. High security locks will not only make it extremely difficult for someone to break into your home, but it may discourage would be burglars from even trying to break into your home. Once a burglar sees what kind of locks you have installed, chances are he or she will move on to the next home. 
Business High Security Locks
If you’re a business owner, protecting your livelihood is crucial. Chances are you have sensitive information, cash, checks, computers, or other expensive equipment stored at your work place. If any of these things fall into the wrong hands, the security of your business could be at stake. Having high security locks installed on the outer doors at your place of work can help reduce the chances of having your business broken into. You may also want to consider having high security locks installed on individual office doors or any place you store sensitive information or money. 
Getting Locked Out
While high security locks can greatly improve the safety and integrity at your home or business, getting locked out can be a huge problem. Because high security locks are so advanced, its virtually impossible for you to pick the lock if you find yourself locked out. At Crown Locksmith, we can help you get into your home or place of work if you’ve gotten locked out, even if you’ve got high security locks!
If you’re locked out or if you’re in the market to have high security locks installed at your home or business, call Crown Locksmith for fast service!

Door Rekeying

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Door Rekeying Services Atlanta

Having quality locks on the doors of your home is vital to the safety and security of you, your family, your pets, and your belongings. Sometimes the door locks on your home can become compromised, leaving you uneasy. If the door locks on your home have been compromised, there’s no time to waste. At Crown Locksmith, we’ve got the solution you need- door rekeying. 
There may be many reasons why you believe your door locks have been compromised. Perhaps you’ve lost your key and believe someone could find it and use it to enter your home. Maybe someone who has ill intentions toward you has had access to your keys. Similarly, maybe you had given a key to a former roommate, spouse, or friend and you no longer want them to have access to your home. Or perhaps you’re a real estate investor and you no longer want former tenants to be able to enter one of your homes. No matter the reason, having your doors rekeyed quickly, correctly, and professionally is important. At Crown Locksmith we understand how important the integrity of your property is. 
In addition to rekeying your door locks, we also offer door reinforcement services. If you’ve ever been the victim of a break in, you know how scary it can be. Protecting your home is incredibly important. While multilock door rekeying services can help ease your anxiety after a break in, door reinforcements may also help. Generally, door jambs are made out of wood. If someone is determined to enter your home, wood door jambs can easily be compromised. Door reinforcements can make it more difficult for someone to break the wood. Door reinforcements include door shields, hinge shields, jamb shields, and using a minimum of 3.5″ screws for installation. 
If you feel that the integrity of your home has been compromised and you need door rekeying services, call Crown Locksmith today. 

Eviction Locksmith

Eviction Locksmith Services Atlanta GA

Eviction Locksmith Services Atlanta, GA

If you’re a landlord or real estate investor, its always the goal to have your tenants pay their rent on time each month. However, things don’t always go the way we’d hope. If your tenants aren’t paying their rent on time, you may be forced to evict them. Eviction proceedings come with certain legal aspects that must be taken care of first, but once the eviction has become finalized you may want to change the locks so your tenants can no longer access the home or apartment. If you don’t change or rekey the locks, the tenant may be able to reenter the dwelling, making further legal action necessary. 
To make the eviction process as simple as possible, you need an evictions locksmith
At Crown Locksmith, we take pride in our work and are sensitive to the pressing needs of landlords and real estate investors. If you’re looking for an evictions locksmith in Atlanta, GA, we will respond to your needs quickly and get the job done promptly and correctly. 
If you are a landlord or real estate investor in need of an evictions locksmith we can provide you with the following services:
-repair and replacement of damaged locks or keys
-lock changes for outdoor storage buildings
-new locks and keys for doorknobs
-replace and repair window locks
-replace, repair, or rekey gate locks
-replace, repair, or rekey mailbox locks
We also specialize in bank foreclosure needs. If you’re a mortgage lender who handles foreclosures, you may want to have a locksmith on call for all of your locksmith needs. Its not uncommon for homeowners to try and reenter a home that has been foreclosed upon. Because of this, its especially important for you to have the locks rekeyed or replaced on a home that’s been foreclosed on. 
Vacation Rentals
As vacation rental services (like Airbnb) become an increasingly popular way for people to vacation and travel, keys are changing hands more frequently. If you rent out your own home or an investment property to vacationers, multiple people will have had access to your keys. If you frequently have renters, you may want to have your locks rekeyed periodically. 
For help with any of these eviction needs, call the expert locksmiths at Crown Locksmith, LLC!